Byron Bay Wedding Photographers. Fine Art photography, byron bay, gold coast, brisbane

We’re Brett and Kristie. Best friends, husband and wife, photographers, dreamers and hippies at heart.

We photograph natural beauty.

To us, the real story resides in the tiny pieces that make up the whole. We collect fleeting moments, that when all together, retell an honest, naturally beautiful story.

We know the feeling of treasuring a moment so dearly, so preciously, that you want to hold it tight to your heart and safely tuck it away to ponder for a lifetime.  We take utmost responsibility and utter joy in collecting these moments and making them tangible. Untarnished and safe.

This is why we create, and adds purpose to our art.

Our work has been described as:
Peaceful and calm
Simple and understated
Soft and dreamy

We use digital and film cameras. Both bring a unique set of tools for us to craft the pastel tones we love. Digital is perfect for capturing brisk, fleeting moments, while our old film cameras are choice for crafting fine art pieces.

Film challenges and inspires us as artists. It slows us down, and forces us to live in the moment.

The breath on our lips, the ocean, and life’s daily miracles inspire and drive us. To us the best kind of note is handwritten, the sweetest tune is sung around a campfire and the most beautiful gift is handmade. The smell of rain, pine forests and Dr. Seuss make our hearts smile.

We think the most beautiful story to be told is dwelling in your heart. We can’t wait to tell it with you.

Due to the great amount of time and attention to detail that we invest into each and every wedding we photograph, we are limited to the amount of bookings we are able to take on each year.

We have a cosy little studio in the hills of Byron Bay, for a complete price guide or to arrange a time to catch up, contact us!

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