Our Story

our story

It had been a long day. A day full of busy and doing and stress in jobs we were merely existing in. The thought of tomorrow and living it all over again was enough to knot our stomachs. Our souls were crushing and our hearts were breaking. The pressure of living a life uninspired and trapped was surrounding us.

Then came the realization which changed our lives forever – we had put a monetary figure on our time. How could any amount of money seem a sufficient exchange for a portion of our life? A portion which we could be spending living the dreams which were laid upon our hearts.

What matters in the end is the life we create in our time.

We both quit our jobs the next day and so began our journey of living a life well spent.

I’m happy to say ten years, three babies, hundreds of weddings, and many inspiring moments and beautiful people later, our hearts have never been more full and complete. Our days are spent doing the things we love, surrounded by the ones we treasure, and we couldn’t be more blessed!