the new “us”

Hello! We’re so happy you’re here to join us on our new journey as Byron loves Fawn. In case you didn’t already know, we’re Brett and Kristie who are the photo taking duo behind ngg studios. The decision to change our name has been a long awaited one, but we dearly wanted something that was a better representation of us.

So, what’s the story behind the new name “Byron loves Fawn”? Above all, we wanted a name which would convey the direction our brand has taken, one of warmth and love. Byron loves Fawn describes two people in love. It represents our love for each other and the love between the beautiful people we photograph.

‘Byron’ and ‘Fawn’ are our sweet aliases for symbolic and sentimental reasons…

‘Byron’ is dearly treasured because it’s the name my dad (who passed away last year) had picked for me if I was boy. I’ve always thought it was special because he picked it. He was a deep and sentimental soul and I know it had a truly special meaning to him. He had many a surf story to share from his travels up the East Coast of Australia, and i’m sure it was in honor of the beautiful stretch of coast, Byron Bay, which also happens to be one of our favorite wedding destinations. Byron has a beautiful, warm vibe and every wedding we’ve photographed there holds a piece of our heart. It’s a truly magical and peaceful part of the world.

‘Fawn’ symbolises who we are as people and how we approach wedding photography. We both have very calm and placid personalities, which we think shows through in our photographs. We use film cameras in our wedding day coverage, which slows the photo taking process down and enables a sense of calm and peacefulness. We like to create a relaxed atmosphere when photographing someone’s wedding day. A place where they can be themselves, where natural beauty can unfold.

We’re so excited about the future and the plans we have on the horizon as Byron loves Fawn. But mostly, we’re so happy to have you along for the ride! We’d love to know what you think! xx


  • Bek Grace said:

    This is beyond exciting! This new look is gorgeous - the name beautiful - you both are so inspiring. Obviously I will be spending alot of time over here - ooooing and aaaaing at all the warmth, love and beautifulness that is and will be found here. Congratulations. I am so truly and deeply thankful for your constant encouragement and support! And wish you the most deepest congratulations on this gorgeous new (but same) journey :) xxxxx

  • Tracey Johnson said:

    Looks great guys! Love your work!!

  • Hayley Lane said:

    Loving the new look and name :) You can really tell how much heart and soul you put into your work.